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 Mar 9 


Singura chestie stresanta 280 lei adica tot la fel casi cind i-as fi luat de la Londra.
I-am luat de la un magazin lungaretz linga piata Iancului intre Megaimage si Reiffeissen. Sunt extraordinar de comozi iar pielea e foarte fina si chiar e antistress
– Rieker e la origine elvetian – I-am luat acum 2-3 saptamani dar ma bucur de fiecare data cind ii pun in picere

Uite cum ii lauda Rieker

Specially produced components and a unique construction method ensure that Rieker shoes are extremely lightweight and comfortable.
A snug fit at the heel prevents forward movement of the foot within the shoe thus allowing total flexibility and total comfort.


Rieker shoes are especially flexible (no pinching) to give your foot freedom to move throughout the day whatever your tasks are.
Flexible hand stitching within each shoe ensures the best fit at all times.

Shock Absorbing

The Rieker Antistress sole unit absorbs shock by spreading pressure over its entire surface for a more comfortable tread
Differing sole types: PU soles (polyurethane), Rubber soles, Multicolour soles, Thermoplastic rubber (moulded)


Special Rieker lasts (shapes) ensure that there is more room at the front of the shoe allowing extra space for your foot when you need it.


Shoes are made on forms called lasts. They are fundamental to the manufacturing process as they dictate the exact size, shape and fit of the shoe made upon them.
A fully developed human foot remains the same shape throughout adulthood; last shapes continuously change in accordance with current fashion trends. For example, slight changes of toe shape, dependent on the design of the shoe, requires a new last.
Once the shapes are down on paper, the Pattern Cutter produces a blue print which serves as a basis for the rest of the patterns for that style. A single shoe can have up to 50 parts and it is the Pattern Cutters responsibility to make sure these parts fit.
A sample is produced next so it can be fit tested and style tested. This is important to ensure that the product is commercial in the current marketplace.

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